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Why Choose The Jaguar XJ: Details For Philadelphia Area Drivers

There is a very real difference in owning some types of cars as compared to owning others. This is not just about the brand name, but also about the driving enjoyment, the handling, and the dependability of the vehicles. One of the brands of vehicles that are known for these specific benefits of ownership is the Jaguar.

Over the years, different Jaguar vehicles have been popular with drivers across the United States. Today, in Philadelphia area and throughout the country, one of the most popular of the sedan body styles is the Jaguar XJ.

The Benefits of Ownership

The Jaguar XJ Philadelphia has a sleek style that offers the choice of either the supercharged V6 or V8 engines. The base model offers the V6 while moving up through the various trim models provides options to upgrade to the 5.0L V8. Despite the power and acceleration the vehicle offers, it still has one of the quietest cabins in its class, which is worth considering for those who are on the road a large part of their day.

Both offer terrific handling and performance, and there is the option to choose a trim model that offers all-wheel drive, which is a good addition for driving in the winter weather here in Philadelphia area. These systems not only provide additional traction and power transfer, but they also have the ability to assess the road conditions to accommodate handling and control under any type of road conditions.

The Interior Benefits

The interior of the Jaguar XJ is also luxurious. The seats are comfortable and fully adjustable, and there is even the option to choose power reclining seats in the back row. All the seats in the vehicle have individual heating and cooling controls. Passengers and the driver also have their own climate control so that everyone can ride in comfort.

There are many other benefits, features, and possible options to consider with the XJ. The best way to become familiar with the car is to take it for a test drive – you will not be disappointed.

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