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Difference Between A Certified Pre-Owned And A Pre-Owned Porsche For Sale At A Philadelphia Dealership

As a Porsche buyer, finding the right car at the right price in Philadelphia is not always easy. If you are not interested in paying the full price on a new Porsche that offers a top package of trim, features and options, choosing either a certified pre-owned or a pre-owned Porsche for sale may offer the ideal solution.

Both a certified and a pre-owned Porsche for sale are used vehicles. However, there are also some differences, and knowing the differences can help a buyer make an informed decision as to the best option.

What is a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle?

Virtually all vehicle manufacturers now offer a certified pre-owned choice on their lots. This is a vehicle that is their line and has gone through the manufacturer required inspection and service.

The Porsche certified pre-owned program is considered one of the best in the automotive industry, which is in keeping with the reputation of the vehicles they manufacture. All vehicles must be eight years as a maximum age and then have to have less than 100,000 miles. With most of the certified pre-owned Porsches on the lots in Philadelphia, this mileage is significantly less and can easily be as low as a few hundred miles with some vehicles.

All vehicles have to go through a 111 point inspection, and they come with a basic 2-year warranty which will add to the new vehicle limited warranty if it is still in place. This includes a powertrain warranty, roadside assistance, and out of town repair services if needed.

Unless marketed as certified, all other pre-owned Porsche cars for sale are sold without this inspection or the added benefits. Typically, a certified pre-owned vehicle is more expensive than a basic used vehicle, which is a consideration for most buyers.

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