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Three Great Reasons to Consider Leasing Your Next New Vehicle

Whether you have shopped for a new car before or this is your first time, you understand just how stressful the process can be. There are a variety of different options at a Ford dealer in St. Charles, IL, including sedans, compact cars, and SUVs. After you have selected your ideal vehicle, you are going to have to decide whether you want to buy or lease it. While the consensus among car shoppers is that buying a car is the wiser move financially, an increasing number of individuals are choosing to lease. Lease deals bring more benefits than ever. Here are some reasons why.

Clarity and transparency lease deals at a Ford dealer in St. Charles are simpler than they have ever been. Customers used to shy away from leasing because of the confusing nature of the contract and the hidden fees they could incur. Today, lease deals are cut-and-dried, so you will know exactly what is involved when you sign the contract.

Lower monthly payment leasing has a lower monthly cost than purchasing a similar car because it is a long-term rental. You don’t keep the car at the end of the contract, so you are only responsible for the payments during the three- or four-year period that you have the car.

Maintenance under warranty leased cars are brand-new, meaning they are typically under warranty for the entire period of the lease. Because of this, just about any maintenance cost incurred during the lease is covered by either the factory or dealership warranty. You can purchase supplemental coverage as well to protect yourself in case anything else happens that may not be covered by the warranty.

If you are interested in leasing a brand-new Ford, check out Hawk Ford of St. Charles’s large selection of vehicles .

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