Protecting Your Engine From Summer Temperatures to Help Prolong Its Life

by | Jul 23, 2019 | Automotive

Hot summer temperatures can be brutal on anyone and anything that isn’t protected by air conditioning. The engine in your vehicle is no different. To help ensure the reliable operation of your engine when the mercury rises, it’s essential to take steps to protect your engine to help your Michigan City Jeep enjoy many more summers to come.

Check Your Coolant

When it comes to protecting your engine, your coolant is where it all begins. The coolant in your engine helps to remove excess heat that would otherwise damage the components of the engine.

Don’t wait for a puddle on your driveway or an engine temperature warning light on your dash to check your coolant level. With the engine off and cool, compare the level of the coolant to the lines on the side of the coolant reservoir. If you need to add coolant, carefully open the reservoir lid and add the correct type of coolant for your vehicle.

Check Your Air Filter

Another important component of proper engine operation is access to the correct amount of clean air. If your air filter is dirty, however, the engine must work harder to pull in that air, leading to potential overheating, especially when the air is already hot. Plan to check your air filter at least a couple of times during the summer, as dry summer conditions tend to produce more dust that can more quickly clog your air filter.

Turn it Off

If you’re stopped in a long line somewhere, it’s a good idea to turn off your engine whenever possible. When you’re stopped, there is less air that is being forced over the engine to help cool it, yet it’s still creating heat as the combustion process continues. This continued heat production in the presence of inadequate airflow can cause your engine to overheat, especially if the coolant is low or the air filter is clogged. If your Michigan City Jeep requires attention due to overheating, you can contact the service pros of Grieger’s Motor Sales Inc. today.

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