The Benefits of Auto Body Collision Repair in Newport News, VA

by | Aug 24, 2016 | Automotive

If you’ve been in a collision that is not covered by your insurance, you could face some pretty high repair costs. The costs might not even be that high, but if they are more than you want to pay, they can be hard to justify. Many people choose to ignore collision damage if it does not actively impede their ability to drive. However, that is not a great idea. Collision repair is not purely cosmetic. There are many small and large problems that could arise as a result of a collision that you should have addressed.

Drag and Windage

Auto body collision repair in Newport News, VA can help you in ways that you might not even think. Places such as Bruce’s Super Body Shops can help restore your car to its factory condition. If you have a bumper that is hanging slightly off your vehicle, a door that doesn’t shut completely, or some other minor problem, you could be creating a lot of drag when you drive around. That drag means your engine has to work even harder to get you up to speed. That’s going to be a strain on the engine as well as a strain on your wallet. You could be dramatically decreasing your fuel efficiency by not repairing your vehicle.

Resale Value

When you avoid auto body collision repair, the value of your car is greatly reduced. In order to sell your car, you’ll have to get the damage repaired or take a drastically lower price for your vehicle. Furthermore, the longer you avoid collision repair, the more it will cost. To continue the example of a hanging bumper, the weight of the bumper is going to exaggerate any cracks or stresses that might occur. Eventually, you might need to replace the entire bumper instead of repairing just one crack.

Taking care of your auto body collision repair needs early can save you a lot of money.

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