Subaru, The Fastest Growing Automotive Brand In The Country

by | Aug 19, 2016 | Automotive

With all wheel drive as standard and a top safety rating coupled with an attractive price, is it any wonder why the new Subaru Legacy in Joliet is a great buy and a smart buy? The Legacy has it all; a 2.5 or 3.6 L engine putting out up to 256 horsepower coupled to a continuously variable transmission and a very comfortable interior.

A growing number of Americans are opting for all wheel drive, they see it as a safety enhancement little different from anti-lock breaking systems and stability control. For some people it may never be needed while for those in the lower Great Lakes region know how beneficial all wheel drive is in the snow.

The new Subaru Legacy in Joliet is the sixth generation of this vehicle, compared to previous variants it is more comfortable, more refined and somewhat larger. The appeal of the Legacy to many buyers is the fact that it does not pretend to be anything other than what it is; an unpretentious mainstream sedan.

What’s new for 2016?

There are a number of new features on the 2016 Subaru Legacy which include a function that automatically turns the headlights on when the wipers are activated; this feature alone only reinforces Subaru’s focus on safety. Over and above this, the Legacy has improved the feel of the power steering; it now includes as standard the Star Link infotainment system, a large touchscreen; Bluetooth and satellite radio.

It is hard not to love the new Subaru Legacy in Joliet; the car is genuinely comfortable, has a large interior and unhampered sightlines from behind the wheel, all of which make driving the new Legacy a treat.

All in all, the new Subaru Legacy is a safe, secure and comfortable car that also is a great buy.

The new Subaru Legacy in Joliet is a comfortable sedan with all the trimmings of a car with a much higher list price. To see the Legacy today you are invited to visit the showroom of Hawk Subaru at

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