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The Kia K900; luxury that is easy on the wallet

For most consumers, Kia is associated with inexpensive vehicles that offer good value for money. This is true, but Kia has come along with a car that has been missed by many buyers who are looking in the luxury car segment. The new Kia K900 in NJ is a departure from traditional Kia vehicles; this car is smartly styled loaded with features.

Kia is following a proven script, they are pricing the car for value. They did the same thing with the Optima Limited in the mid size sector and now they are taking the same approach in the full size sector. The objective is to provide luxury equal to others in the market at a more attractive price.

The Kia K900 is extremely comfortable inside, the driver and passengers are cocooned in leather and wood trim and features that one only expects in the luxury car segment. This new entrant into the segment is certainly what people want; comfort, quiet and totally predictable. The K900 will attract buyers that will be willing to forego the “names” in lieu of value. Kia, as usual, provides their cars with standard features that others classify as expensive options.

Comfort and quality:

The luxury car segment is tough, Kia engineers and marketing people knew that if their new K900 was to get any attention from those who traditionally drive luxury cars they were going to be compared to high end European competition.

Depending on the model, the driver’s seat has either 12 way or 16 way power adjustment. Regardless of which model you opt for, the driver’s seat is comfortable for different shaped people. The back seat has a great deal of space and the upholstery is exceedingly comfortable. The V-8 luxury trim is available with a VIP package that includes heated individual seats with a clever design, the seat cushions can slide forward and at the same time the seat backs recline.

If you are looking for a full featured luxury car at a competitive price you should check out the Kia K900 in NJ.

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