Have Your New Car Serviced Where You Bought It

by | Sep 27, 2017 | Auto Repair

When you entrust your new car to the same dealership that you bought it from, you can expect more than what you ask for when you take it in for service. While your car is in for Ford service in Barrington other checks and work will be done, in this way you can rest assured that your car is safe and running at its best.

Having your car serviced, regardless of the age, is important and is something that should not be missed. If your car is relatively new and still covered by the warranty, follow the instructions in the owner’s handbook. Missing services could void the warranty which will only result in unnecessary and costly repairs, not to mention the hassle.

What does car service include?

The work that is carried out by the service technician depends to a great extent on the age of the car. The common denominator is oil and filter change as well as replacing the air filter. At specific service intervals the spark plugs may need replacing, the coolant may need topping up and the brake and power steering fluids will be checked.

Benefits of having your car serviced by the dealer:

There is no obligation for you to return to the dealership that you bought the car from, you are free to use any dealer that your wish.

Ford invests a great deal of money and expertise in developing and manufacturing their products. To ensure that their cars and light trucks run well and last long, the company also invests heavily in dealer service personnel training and the development and supply of the latest in diagnostic equipment.

When you have had always relied on Ford service in Barrington your car will be easier to sell and demand a higher price. People that buy a used car that has a complete service history know that the car has been well looked after.

If you demand the best Ford service in Barrington then you should let the qualified technicians at Arlington Heights Ford maintain and service your car. Contact Arlington Heights Ford today and schedule your next service.

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