Auto Repair in Lansing MI Keeps Passenger Vehicles Running Longer Than Ever Before

by | Sep 27, 2017 | Automotive

The so-called Great Recession resulted in U.S. drivers keeping their vehicles longer than ever before, boosting the need for Auto Repair in Lansing MI to keep those old cars and pickup trucks in good working order. People learned that improvements in manufacturing technology allow vehicles to be roadworthy for well over 200,000 miles in many cases. The automobiles will need replacement of numerous components during that time, but that costs far less than replacing the entire vehicle with a new or used one.

Affordable Repairs vs. Expensive Car Payments

Once a vehicle reaches this amount of mileage, owners may start feeling like they don’t want to invest a lot of money in Auto Repair in Lansing MI. They keep paying for necessary work because they still trust this vehicle and don’t want to take on car payments right now. When the brakes start chirping, squealing or not gripping well, having the components adjusted or replaced is substantially more affordable than new vehicle financing or spending several thousand on a used car.

A Sense of Pride for Vehicle Longevity

The shocks and struts assembly typically needs replacement every 100,000 miles, and the owner is a little surprised that it’s time to have this work done a second time. There starts to be a sense of pride at how long this car has been on the road. The owner enjoys bragging rights about the vehicle still chugging along at 225,000 and then 250,000 miles.

Keeping It Going

Eventually, when a person’s financial situation rebounds in a positive way, he or she is likely to start shopping for a new ride. Now that it’s clear that the old car is still holding up well, that vehicle is not likely to be junk even if it has 300,000 miles. Someone who needs a beater vehicle to get around town or to work and back will be glad to buy this car for a cheap price and run it until the engine or transmission gives out. If the automobile needs muffler replacement or a power steering fluid pump, the owner can have the work done at a garage like Liskey’s Auto & Truck Service.

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