Components of a Quality Prisoner Transport Vehicle

by | Jan 22, 2016 | Parts and Accessories

When it comes to prisoner transport systems, there are a number of components that makes one better than all the rest. Knowing what these components are can ensure that you have a safe and functional prisoner transport system. Take some time to review the components here to ensure yours is up to par.

Due to recent events involving prisoners in transport vehicles, safety is not considered of the upmost importance. Take some time to evaluate the safety of your vehicle. Things to consider include the following:

  • Is the vehicle easy to get into and out of?
  • Are there ways to monitor what is going on in the rear compartment?
  • Are the passengers protected from road conditions, as well as one another?
  • Is there any way to regulate the comfort level of the rear compartment?

Each of these factors is crucial in ensuring that your transport vehicle is safe.

In addition to being safe, you need to ensure that the vehicle in use is functional and able to provide the services for its intended service. Some functional components include storage under the seats for gear, handles for easy access into and out of the rear compartment and blockades or walls between the driver and the prisoners. Take some time to be sure that your prisoner transport system is functional to ensure that you are getting the most out of it.

What can you do?
If you notice that there are a few areas where your vehicle is lacking in regard to the safety and function aspects, then now is the time to make adjustments and changes. Some things that you can do to upgrade your vehicle, to achieve these two things are found here:

  • Install an intercom system to monitor what is being said in the rear compartment.
  • Install a video system to see what is happening in the rear compartment.
  • Install flip stairs and handrails for safe entry and exit from the vehicle.
  • Install separation panels to ensure prisoners cannot get to one another or the driver.

Taking the time to evaluate the issues present with your prisoner transport vehicle will pay off in the long run. It will help to ensure you, as well as your passengers remain safe during the duration of transport. This is no area to skimp on since it can be quite costly, in more ways than one.

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