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by | Feb 6, 2017 | Auto Repair, Automotive, Parts and Accessories

In most towing situations, a grease cap will be perfectly acceptable to keep the Single Trailer Spindle well-lubricated. However, if the trailer is often pulled through areas that are sandy or areas that may be submerged in water, the grease can easily be washed away or otherwise contaminated. This will allow the surface of the hub to come into contact with the surface of the spindle. When this happens, severe damage can occur. Therefore, even when using what seems to be a good amount of lubricating grease, the spindle should be checked on a regular basis for excessive wear.

New spindles should be installed if the trailer is involved in an accident. This is because the Single Trailer Spindle can become bent or cracked. No matter how minor the damage seems, always replace the old spindle with a new one as even the slightest bend or crack can lead to further damage or even another accident. If the bearings fail, the spindle should also be replaced with a new one. When one is building their own trailer from scratch, make sure to always install new spindles, not used ones.

Unless the owner of the trailer is a professional welder, they should leave the actual process of installing the new spindle to a business that is familiar with the job. This is because the welding technique used is quite intensive and probably out of the range of skills possessed by the do-it-yourself mechanic. The weld holding the old spindle to the axle needs to be broken and then the new spindle is welded onto the axle. The cost of making a mistake in such a situation is very high and the difficulty of the job should not be underestimated.

The best place to have the new spindle repaired or installed is a licensed business. Contact Website Domain for more information about spindles or to schedule an appointment to have the spindle, or any other trailer part, installed or repaired. They not only perform the work, but they have the parts in stock and on hand so there is no wait. Visit the website today.

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