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Why is a Synthetic Oil Change in Jacksonville, FL a Good Choice?

You’re not the only person who’s chosen to drive the family car for more years. In order to keep the vehicle in top shape, following a reasonable maintenance schedule is a must. Consider the idea of making a synthetic oil change in Jacksonville, FL part of the plan. Here are some examples of what synthetic oil can do for your older vehicle.

Engine drag due to thickening oil is not good any time, but it’s especially bad for engines with more mileage. Given the number of miles on the engine, doing what you can to reduce the drag will make a difference. Synthetic oil doesn’t thicken as quickly as other oils, so there’s less stress on the engine.

This also means that you can go for longer periods without oil changes. Part of this has to do with the fact that synthetic oil reduces friction. It also helps to reduce the risks of deposits that conventional engine oil sometimes leaves. See this as a way to make maintenance easier without increasing the odds of damage to the engine.

Last, you’ll find that a synthetic oil change in Jacksonville, FL can have a positive impact on fuel economy. By making it possible for the engine to work more efficiently, you can get further on a gallon of gas. That’s something you can appreciate.

Talk with a professional about the use of synthetic versus conventional oil. You may find that now is the ideal time to make the switch.

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