Vehicle Thermostat Installation Tips

by | Aug 11, 2017 | Electronics and Electrical

If you have a faulty vehicle thermostat and have to replace it, there are a few tips you should know before the repair to ensure you are installing the part correctly.

1. Wait for the Engine to Cool

Before you repair your thermostat, the engine and radiator should be cool to the touch. When too hot, you can severely burn yourself by the scalding coolant. The fluid is pressurized and can spray liquid and vapor onto your skin.

2. Use the Correct Tools

When removing the thermostat housing, use a correctly sized six-point wrench to loosen and remove any bolts. This will ensure that you will not accidentally strip them during the removal process.

3. Cover the Openings

When you are removing the thermostat, have a clean towel handy to cover the resulting cavity. This will help prevent debris and other materials from falling in. You can also use the towel to clean up any stuck-on gaskets or sealant that was left over from the old thermostat.

4. Know Your Thermostat Specs

When looking for a new thermostat to purchase, you should know the make and model that your car needs. Make sure you are getting the correct size and type. Some thermostats come with the corresponding gaskets, but some do not. If you are buying the gaskets separately also take heed when purchasing.

Also check the newer thermostat models that are being offered. They could work just as well or better than your traditional older one. One example of a newer offering are integrated housing thermostats.

These thermostats have the vehicle thermostat and its housing combined into one component. This type of thermostat has an advantage when removing and installing the part. Since the thermostat cannot be removed from the housing, the whole unit has to be replaced when found to be faulty. This is a benefit to your mechanic as it cuts back on installation errors and added time for labor.

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