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The Most Popular Models Available From RV Dealers In Des Moines

One of the best ways to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors is to go camping, and an RV or camper can make it more pleasant and enjoyable while allowing individuals of all ages to enjoy being outside while still having the conveniences of home. It can be overwhelming to purchase a new RV, as choosing the best model is not an easy task with the wide variety of designs available. The following is a look at the most popular styles available from RV dealers in Des Moines.

Fifth Wheel Camper

A fifth wheel camper is designed to make hauling easy and attaches to a vehicle via a specialized hitch that is accessible from the bed of a truck. Though they are heavier and larger, they are easy to haul with a fifth wheel truck hitch. In addition to being easy to pull, they also provide the greatest amount of room, as they can be purchased in lengths up to 40 feet.


Some individuals enjoy the convenience of having their transportation and home needs in one, easy-to-drive vehicle. A motor home is a fully mobile camper, and many choose to install a hitch that allows them to pull a car that can be driven while their camper is parked. A motor home is easy to drive and alleviates having to drive multiple vehicles, as most can be fully packed with all of the items a family may need.

Toy Hauler Pull Behind

A pull behind camper hooks onto a regular hitch and can be pulled with a truck equipped with an appropriate towing package. A toy hauler model will have a garage area in the rear of the camper that can be perfect for hauling four wheelers or other ATVs. When the area isn’t being used to haul a large item, it can be turned into an extra bedroom, which provides a family with plenty of room and the ability to take their outdoor toys with them.

Quality RV dealers in Des Moines can make finding the best camper for a family’s needs easy. Be sure to contact Imperial RV Center and let one of their sales experts explain the pros and cons of each model type so a family can make an informed purchase. Contact them to learn more or stop by their showroom to test drive an RV today.

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