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The Victory Motorcycle Dealer in Gainesville FL that Offers No Hidden Fees

Buyer beware, don’t be fooled when you are considering a Victory Motorcycle dealer in Gainesville FL into choosing one that is going to hit you over the head with high priced dealer fees, freight fees and even set up fees. Most consumers believe that when they purchase a bike in Florida that they just pay the sticker price or the discounted price but there are some fees that get snuck into the deal and if you are not careful and choose the right dealer the cost of your bike will be greatly inflated.

Why They Are Hidden

Paying additional fees have become a bad habit for many people, so much so that no one pays attention to them, but they are costly and avoidable! Consider the following:

* When you buy a bike from a dealership why should you pay and additional cost to the dealership to unpack and set up the bike? Haven’t they already unpacked the bike for the showroom? Isn’t it just a part of the job of the dealership to prepare the bike for pickup? We think it should be
* Freight fees are charges that are passed on to you for shipping the bike! Isn’t that a dealer fee to worry about not the customers?
* “Dealer fees” can run the gamut of fees from document preparation for financing to other fees that the dealer should absorb as the cost of doing business!

Hidden fees are hidden because if the dealership told you upfront “this is what we are going to charge you to do business with us” you would likely walk out and go elsewhere!

The Bottom Line

Why pay MORE? Are you already buying the bike? Why pay other charges on top of the cost of the bike? We offer a NO HIDDEN FEE EVER policy as a Victory Motorcycle Dealer serving Gainesville FL! Visit our website for the latest deals with no hidden fees!

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