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Polaris Takes Over Indian Motorcycles and Increases Sales

The Indian Motorcycle company was founded in the year 1901. By the 1950’s it went out of business. However, the name carries respect and resonance making it a bike brand that deserves to be resurrected. That’s exactly what Polaris did; they brought back the revered Indian motorcycle. Now you can find an Indian motorcycle for sale in Jacksonville, FL at a leading motorcycle dealership. You can count on the professionals to assist you in finding the Indian bike you’ve always wanted. Test drive it from their showroom lot, view it online, and feel free to ask questions so you can find out everything you need to know about owning an Indian motorcycle.

The New Indians Are Guaranteed to Meet Your Expectations

The new Indian motorcycle is guaranteed to meet your highest expectations with hardware and traditional styling that exceeds expectations. You’ll easily find the Indian motorcycle for sale in Jacksonville, FL that also sports modern electronics and amenities. Would you enjoy a keyless ignition? How about automatic engine cutoff abilities when the kickstand is flipped down? You can start your search for the Indian motorcycle you’ve always wanted when you view a local dealership’s website. A comprehensive inventory of bikes will be there for your viewing pleasure.

Are You Ready to Get on the Road?

When you’re ready to hit the pavement on an Indian motorcycle, it’s important to choose a dealership like Holeshot Powersports. They have a vast selection of bikes, including Indian motorcycles that are sure to get your blood pumping. You can expect to be treated like the valuable customer you are with no hidden fees, no freight fees, not dealer fees, and finally no set up fees. When you’re riding an Indian motorcycle, you’re on one of the few non Harley Davidson bikes that can still command respect.

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