The Origin of State Street in Chicago and How to Plan the Perfect Visit

by | Oct 17, 2022 | Parking

The origin of State Street in Chicago dates back to 1831 when Illinois authorized a “state road” connecting Vincennes, Indiana to Chicago. Throughout the 1800s, the street became an economic center and powerhouse as it was considered to be the last outpost for shopping for emigrants that came from the Dakotas, Kansas, and Nebraska. Today, State Street is home to many well-known retail and hospitality chains.

Top Attractions in the Heart of Chicago

So, you might begin to wonder what is so special about the street. In addition to being a rich part of Chicago’s and Illinois’ history, the street can connect visitors and locals to some of the top attractions in the area. To name a few, you can take State Street to visit architectural marvels, the Riverwalk, Navy Pier, Millennium Park, museums, and much more.

Planning the Perfect Visit

Perhaps you are excited to take in all the glitz and glamour of the city and are planning the perfect visit to Chicago via State Street. You are probably wondering what to include on your itinerary. Other than the attractions previously mentioned, you should definitely visit many food establishments in the area. Why? The city is extremely diverse both in culture and in food offerings. You will not want to miss out on all the tasty delicacies that Chicago has to offer.


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