Spooky Halloween Decoration Ideas for Your Car Rental in Covington, LA

by | Oct 31, 2022 | Autos

You’ve been decorating your porch and yard every Halloween. Maybe it’s time to take it up a notch and decorate your vehicle, too. It’s an excellent way to flaunt your creativity to passersby and the entire neighborhood. Here are some exciting ideas for decorating your car rental in Covington, LA for Halloween.

Customized or Ready-Made

Before you start scouring Amazon for Halloween ornaments, you first need to decide whether to customize your decor or buy ready-made knick-knacks. The latter may save you time and money but, mind you, it’s run-of-the-mill. For instance, cobwebs wrapped around a vehicle have been used over and over for years. You might count at least 10 cars like that in your street alone. Halloween only happens once a year, so why not be extra creative? Think of a design that will stand out, and start looking for materials that will let you turn it into reality.

All-Out or Minimalist

How much time and artistic muscles are you willing to invest in this project? Even if you think it’s silly, for sure, you also feel the excitement of witnessing decorated cars prowling the streets on Halloween building up within you. But why remain a spectator if you can steal the show with your own clever ideas? Of course, there’s also nothing wrong with being minimalist. Some of the most iconic decorations are the simplest ones. You can either go all out and put a giant tarantula on your car’s roof or hang a few skeleton air fresheners over your dashboard. It’s the thought that counts, as the saying goes.

Exterior or Interior

Does your lease agreement allow you to put an exterior decoration on your car rental from Baton Rouge, Louisiana? If it does, then there are plenty of ideas you can try. A set of bloody handprints all over your car is a brilliant one. Hands and feet sticking out of the trunk is another. Or maybe you want a more enigmatic approach, in which case, you should keep your decoration inside your vehicle. That’s okay, too. For example, a creepy fake ghost passenger in the backseat may scare anyone who tries to peek. Or maybe eerie LED lighting that can make your vehicle look like a chariot to the next life.

Realistic or Obvious

Now, this is where your creativity can be put to the test. You’ll see a lot of shoddy work, but do you want yours to be in the same category? If not, you must step up your game and think of a unique design that will bring genuine terror to kids and adults alike. A serial killer-themed decoration may be a brilliant idea like putting dripping fake blood from under one of your car’s doors. Or perhaps a bloody handprint on one of your glass windows. A blood-soaked blanket or ax on the backseat is also a clever one. There are tons of ideas you can try if you use your imagination.

Taking part in this tradition offers an opportunity for your family to have fun together. Let your kids in on the activity. They’re sure to enjoy it. You should also take them for a ride so they can see how people will react to their work. Check out Baldwin Subaru for more helpful tips.

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