The Importance of Auto Exhaust System Repair Services in Manhattan KS

by | Jun 8, 2016 | Automotive

The exhaust system of any vehicle has three crucial functions. The first is to muffle the noise of the engine. It can be very annoying to be behind one vehicle with a whole in the muffler, so just imagine several vehicles without mufflers. The noise would be deafening. A crack or whole in the muffler can be repaired, depending on the length of the damage, or the size of the whole. It may also be necessary to replace the entire muffler. Getting auto exhaust system repair services in Manhattan KS at the first sign of a loud noise can prevent complete replacement in most cases.

The system also removes harmful pollutants from the exhaust before it is released into the air. Many vehicles have a catalytic converter that performs this function. Those are very expensive to replace when they become damaged beyond repair. Proper Maintenance, such as replacing the air filter and keeping the fuel system clean, can help the converter operate at maximum capacity. A clean system prevents the converter from getting clogged, needing more gas to function effectively, and also prolongs the life of the component. Sputtering motions by the car, leaks, and unusual smells emanating from the vehicle may indicate the auto exhaust system repair services in Manhattan KS are required. Drivers can contact us for information regarding the exhaust system, as well as other vehicles repairs.

The third function of the exhaust system is to move the hot exhaust gas from the engine through the tailpipe safely and efficiently. If the gas is not removed from the engine fast enough, it may leak into the occupied sections of the vehicle. That can make the driver and passengers sick, and can even kill in extreme cases. Carbon monoxide, for example, is one such gas. That is the reason why vehicles should be operated in spaces without proper ventilation. Having the system inspected and repaired by certified mechanics is the best way to avoid any illnesses, high replacement costs, and costly fines for noise or pollution. The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, known as ASE, tests and certifies mechanics on various techniques and methods of repairing any type of vehicle. There are general certifications, such as automobile parts and cars and light trucks, and specialized ones, like advanced engine performance and hybrid/electric vehicles.

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