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4 Signs That a Car Needs Clutch Repair in Racine WI

The clutch is a critical part of a vehicle’s manual transmission. Once the engine is started, clutch usage allows the driver to switch gears. While the car is moving, engagement of the clutch allows pressure plates to exert the friction and force necessary to connect flywheel to engine and clutch plate to transmission. Below are five signs that the clutch is worn and in need of Clutches Repair Racine WI.

A Spongy Feel

Most people drive their cars each day, and diagnosing clutch failure may be easy in the early stages. A spongy and soft clutch is a sign that repairs are needed, and the spongy feeling might become more pronounced as one lets the clutch go before the gear engages.

Odd Burning Smells

One should use all their senses to identify whether clutch work is necessary, and a sense of smell is definitely useful. When shifting gears, one may observe an odd burning smell which can indicate a slipping clutch. The smell is usually created by an absence of friction-causing materials on the clutch’s disc.


Slipping is common, especially when one considers the naturally-occurring wear between flywheel and disc. Accelerated wear may happen if the clutch and flywheel spin at differing speeds. Additionally, one may hear a rattling noise when the clutch is out of use, with sound becoming louder as the vehicle’s clutch engages.

Hard Shifting

Gear changes should be shake free and smooth. However, when the clutch is on its way out, shifting may become more difficult. The gear-shifting problems become more pronounced when moving from or into first gear, or when going into reverse.

Apparent Damage

While some car owners are reluctant to lift the hood, clutch damage can be easy to spot if one knows where to look. Just remove the bell housing’s inspection cover to see the clutch; if there’s black dust visible, the clutch may be damaged. However, if one isn’t confident in their abilities, they should bring the car in for repairs as soon as possible.

If one notices any of the above signs of clutch wear, it’s best to call Govednik Automotive Inc. or Visit online right away as Clutches Repair Racine WI may be necessary. By calling a pro at the first indication of trouble, one can resolve clutch issues before they become serious and expensive.

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