Steps to Keep You and Your Car Cool During the Summer in Moore, OK

by | Jan 24, 2020 | Auto Repair

Being stuck in a car with no air conditioning can be a driver’s worst nightmare during the summer months but with some simple maintenance, you’ll keep your AC running smoothly for a comfortable ride. Read on for service tips and warning signs that your car’s AC may be in trouble.

Preventive Care

Start with two quick steps. Run your AC at its coolest setting and highest fan speed for 10 minutes at least once a week to help keep your compressor working efficiently. Use your defrost mode for 10 minutes to prevent mildew.

Professional Upkeep

Extend the life of your car’s AC with routine maintenance. An experienced technician can clean the condenser to improve airflow and check for loose parts and clogged filters. If small leaks are found, they should be repaired and your system recharged to keep it working efficiently. Check with shops specializing in auto AC repair in Moore, OK, for more information about regular service.

Signs of Trouble

An obvious problem is a lack of cold air. Your AC may blow warm air with sporadic cooler air if it’s malfunctioning. Squealing noises under the hood and odors coming from the vents are also indicators, and you may find water stains on your floor mats if the drain is damaged. It’s time to head for auto AC repair in Moore, OK.

Consult a Professional

The experienced technicians at Profix Auto Repair provide complete cooling system service and diagnostics to find solutions for your AC problems. Visit the website for details.

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