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Mistakes That Lead to the Need for Transmission Repair Service in Bellbrook, OH

Automotive transmissions are complicated systems, and they become more complex each year. Though they’re made of durable components and can move tons of steel, transmissions may still become damaged if they are mistreated. Here, drivers will learn several mistakes to avoid when driving a vehicle with an automatic transmission.

Shifting Into Reverse or Drive Without Stopping First

This is one of the biggest transmission killers. Even in a newer car with advanced technology, it’s just good practice to come to a complete stop before shifting gears. Automatic transmissions are designed for linear operation, and they’re full of gears that can become damaged if forced into position. Shifting before stopping may also cause damage to the car’s suspension and driveshaft. Just don’t do it.

Too Much (Or Too Little) Fluid

Letting an automatic transmission run dry is a sure way to bring about the need for Transmission Repair Service in Bellbrook OH. This all-important red fluid keeps a transmission’s internal components properly lubricated and running smoothly. If the fluid level gets low, parts will overheat and fail. However, it’s just as dangerous to overfill the transmission, as it may damage internal seals and lead to leaks.

Forgetting to Change the Fluid

Neglecting to change or check the fluid according to the schedule set forth in the vehicle’s manual will diminish the fluid’s effectiveness. Just like engine oil, transmission fluid degrades with time and use, and it must occasionally be changed. Failure to do so will lead to cracked gaskets, leaky seals, and internal component failure.

Not Using the Parking Brake

An automatic transmission isn’t designed to hold a vehicle in position. When a car is put in park, a small part known as a pawl keeps it in place. The pressure on this part is enormous, particularly on an incline. Use the vehicle’s parking brake to reduce the stress on the transmission.

Call Today for Transmission Service

If vehicle owners have questions or need Transmission Repair Service in Bellbrook OH, the experts at Automotive Service Center can help. Visit the website for additional details or call today to schedule transmission maintenance, repair, or replacement.

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