Getting Your Car Serviced At A Mercedes-Benz Dealership In Philadelphia

by | Mar 2, 2022 | Car Dealer

You need to have your Mercedes-Benz serviced and you are wondering where the best place is to take it. In general, you have three different options, which are a certified Mercedes-Benz dealership in Philadelphia, an independent garage, or a chain repair shop. The best place to go is to the Mercedes-Benz dealership for a number of different reasons.


The most prominent reason to have your car serviced at a Mercedes-Benz dealership in Philadelphia is the difference in the way the visit will be impacted by your warranty. If your car is still under the manufacturer warranty or you purchased an extended warranty from the dealer, then taking your car to a third party for service will likely cost you more money.

In addition, some types of service will have to be performed by a certified technician in order to keep your warranty valid. You can have your oil changed or your tires rotated anywhere, but the bigger jobs must be performed by an authorized technician.

Quality Parts and Availability

Mercedes-Benz dealerships are supported by the manufacturer, which means they will be able to obtain the original parts needed for your car. In addition, those parts will be much more affordable than if you purchased them from a third-party service center if they are even able to obtain the parts in the first place.

Taking your car to be serviced at a certified Mercedes-Benz dealership in Philadelphia is the closest you can get to having the work done by the original automaker. With all the benefits, it is simply the best option.

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