Five Must-Have Car Mods Recommended by A Covington Subaru Dealership

by | Feb 22, 2021 | Autos

Have you thought of making that car you bought from a Subaru dealership in Covington more like your own personal ride? Modding might be just what you need to personalize your vehicle. You might want to add to your car many different modifications, but your vehicle might not need them. Instead, here are some practical car modifications that will help you customize your ride.

Customized Seats

Your car’s chair may not be the most comfortable thing to sit on. If you drive for long hours every day, this can cause health problems like back pain and stress. Investing in high-quality seat covers or seat replacements can help make your drives a lot more comfortable.

For drivers looking for a more simple modification, head and lumbar support pillows can easily be installed into the driver seat and offer improved ergonomics and better seating position while driving.


Your car’s tires are also something you should consider changing up. Different tires are made with different materials and uses in mind. If you want your tires to last, you should change them depending on when and where you’ll be driving. Some tires are meant for specific seasons and terrains.

It’s best to do your research beforehand on what tires you should be using before purchasing this modification. Try asking your local Covington Subaru dealership for what tires you should buy for your car.

Backup Camera

Even the most experienced drivers can have a tough time parking, especially in parallel. Backup cameras were made to fix this problem and give you a view of your car’s behind as you’re attempting to park in reverse.

However, backup cameras have only recently become a standard in the industry. If you drive an older car, chances are that your vehicle doesn’t have one of these pre-installed. Luckily, you can install one to help make parking in reverse and tight spaces with ease.

Dash Camera

Dash cams are cameras attached to your car’s windshields that automatically records everything that happens while you’re driving. These recordings are also timestamped so that they cannot be easily tampered with. You need a dash camera if you don’t already have one because it can help you in the case of an accident. Using a dash cam will mean you always have video evidence against someone who bumps into your car on the road.

Some dash cams can also help you in the event of a car breakdown. Should you be forced to stop in the middle of the road, your dashcam may have a GPS installed, which will help emergency services track down your car.

Tune-Up Parts

If you’re looking for a modification that will improve your car’s overall performance, you should invest in better engine tune-up parts. These modifications will help your vehicle run better and more efficiently.

One example of a tune-up part you can replace are spark plugs. You can replace your spark plugs with ones that have iridium or platinum tips. These are much more likely to last longer while also improving your gas mileage and power efficiency.

Are you a car owner in need of good advice?

As fun as owning a car is, it can also be a burden if you don’t have someone to teach you about them. If you’re looking for great tips and pointers on being a good car owner, check out Baldwin Subaru in the Covington area.

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