Audio and Visual Custom Fabrication in Lake Charles, LA

by | Oct 24, 2016 | Automotive

The advances in audio and visual technology mean high-quality components can be added to any type of vehicle in any type of housing. Fiberglass speaker rods and kick panels, for example, can be custom fitted in the trunk of a car, the hood space of a truck cabin, or the side panels of boats. Custom Fabrication in Lake Charles LA not only improves the sound of the vehicle, it also enhances the looks. A creative use of space, many different styles of equipment, and experienced technicians can turn your car, truck, or boat into a one-of-a-kind vehicle. Manufacturers of audio equipment available include Polk Audio, Kenwood, Kicker, Hertz, and many others. Bluetooth capability can also be added to systems.

Visual components are also available, such as in-dash navigational systems, backup cameras for safety, and multimedia outlets for entertainment. A DVD player, for example, can be added to a van to entertain children in the back seats on long trips. The component can be stored overhead when not in use and drop down with the touch of a button when desired. Headrest televisions can be installed via Custom Fabrication in Lake Charles LA. Boat cabins, truck beds, and almost every size vehicle, can also benefit from advanced technology. Screens of all sizes can be utilized to present movies, games, shows, and even websites via a mobile internet connection. Customers can go to  for capabilities, examples of previously completed projects, and to set up an appointment.

Other aftermarket services include car alarms, keyless entries, window tinting, and the addition of various accessories. Most companies that specialize in the aftermarket automotive industry provide comprehensive services, from sales and installations to repairs and upgrades. Some also offer free service guarantees on all labor. Capabilities and policies differ so compare experience, pricing, and products before deciding where to conduct business.

A vehicle is a major investment, and improvements and enhancements should not be trusted to just any company with cheap prices. Technicians will be taking doors and panels apart, making holes in the body of the vehicle, and rewiring electrical elements. Be sure those technicians are qualified, experienced, and willing to stand behind their work.

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