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A Brief History of the Car Windshield in Silver Spring Md

Most of the earliest cars did not have windshields, but by the early 1900s, the windshield was commonly offered as an option. Those initial glass features had little in common with the modern windshield. Today’s Car Windshield in Silver Spring Md is made of laminated glass, which holds together instead of shattering when it breaks. Windshield wipers are always in place.

In contrast, early cars had a piece of plate glass in front to protect riders from the weather elements, bugs, and debris. This is a primary reason for the modern windshield as well, but modern versions also are essential in the entire safety structure of the vehicle. If a car ever rolls over in an accident, that front frame with the safety glass prevents the roof from caving in. It also usually prevents a person from being ejected from the vehicle through the windshield if this individual was not wearing a safety belt.

Today, nobody could probably imagine riding around in a vehicle with a windshield that’s just like the average window in a house. A rock flying up from the road or dropped from a flatbed construction truck could easily break that glass into pieces and cause injury. In contrast, a laminated Car Windshield in Silver Spring Md will typically develop a chip when being hit by a rock. The chip often can be filled in if addressed quickly enough, which prevents cracks from forming. If one or more cracks do develop, the windshield should be replaced by technicians with a company such as Beltway Auto & Plate Glass. Browse the Site for more details on this particular organization.

Oldsmobile gets credit for being the first vehicle manufacturer to provide windshields as a standard feature instead of an option. This occurred in 1915. It was a smart move on the company’s part since people who had spent much time in vehicles had realized by now the importance of that glass feature in the front. It had always been a pricey option that wasn’t affordable for many vehicle buyers. About 20 years later, safety glass became standard in windshields from certain vehicle manufacturers.

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