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With Air Conditioning Standard in Nearly All Passenger Vehicles, Mechanics Provide Auto AC Repair in Moore OK

People of a certain age have memories of long summer road trips with the family, windows rolled down in an attempt to beat the heat. Air conditioning in passenger cars did not become prevalent until the 1960s, and it was an option instead of a standard feature for many years after that. Today, when it comes to Auto Ac Repair Moore OK residents want prompt service so they can be comfortable in their cars.

A Brief History

The first passenger car air conditioner came on the scene in the early 1940s, courtesy of Packard. Air blew from the rear of the car without the possibility of temperature adjustments. As the years passed and more manufacturers offered this option, advertising promoted the feature to potential buyers. Today, vehicle ads don’t even mention air conditioning since the equipment is expected.

Today’s Scene

As of 2019, more than 99 percent of all new passenger cars and pickup trucks being manufactured have air conditioning. Eventually, a person who buys one of these vehicles may need Auto Ac Repair Moore OK mechanics provide. It’s difficult to find a new car without this feature and even harder to find than a car with a manual transmission. However, manufacturers do still offer a handful of models without air conditioning in their base versions.

The One Percent

Why would buyers deliberately choose a vehicle without air conditioning? They may be able to get a new car significantly cheaper in a base model without the frills. A Toyota Corolla CE with a manual transmission and no central air saves the buyer nearly $3,600. That amount could make the difference between getting a new car of this style and quality, and having to buy a used model.

Some men and women worry about the low resale value or even the potential sales difficulty for a car without a/c. They would rather spend extra and enjoy climate control in the car. If the air conditioner ever quits working properly, they know they can get it fixed at a garage such as PROFIX Auto Repair. For information on this particular shop, vehicle owners may Visit website.

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