Winter and Summer Grill Covers Are Available at Semi Truck Parts Stores

by | Jun 2, 2017 | Trucks

A retail store that sells semi truck parts typically offers a wide variety of items that include numerous accessories. While many of these accessories are not technically essential, they provide advantages that truckers greatly appreciate. Grill covers for both winter and summer are just two examples of these products. Cold-weather covers help a truck run more efficiently, while warm-weather covers act as bug screens. A broad range of accessories is available at retail shops such as Truck Parts & Equipment Inc.

Grill screens that cover the front part of the truck in snowy climates protect the grill and radiator from ice and snow. They also help keep the engine running at the proper temperature instead of having to work harder to overcome wind chill while traveling along the road. Inanimate objects like vehicle engines technically are not affected by wind chill, in that the object would never become colder than the actual exterior temperature. The term describes how someone feels: wind makes cold temperatures feel even colder. Nevertheless, moving along the road in cold temperatures creates an effect like a wind chill that has a negative impact on fuel efficiency. Vehicles that run on diesel get better fuel economy when the engine stays warm. In addition, that winter cover holds warmth below the hood better than would be the case if there were no screen blocking the wind.

Semi truck parts that qualify as accessories also include bug screens. They not only protect the radiator from the debris of thousands of bugs killed while traveling around the country, they also protect against stones that bounce up from the highway or off flatbed trucks. Insects, however, are the main problem that the screens address. In some parts of the country at certain times of the year, huge swarms of mayflies and similar flying insects hatch and cover the exterior of buildings, vehicles and other large objects. Those critters can make a big mess on the radiator and the paint on the truck’s front area if there is no bug screen. Plain covers are available in various colors, and many screens also have designs that allow truckers to add personalization to the vehicle. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.

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