Why You Should Request Flatbed Towing Services in East Lansing MI

by | Mar 21, 2017 | Automotive

When car owners use Towing Services in East Lansing MI, they need to think about bad things that can happen. Sure, quality towing services will go out of their way to make sure that there aren’t any complications, but bad things can still happen. Using a tow truck when a vehicle doesn’t work is a great option. Without a tow truck, there is a risk of a vehicle suffering some serious damage along the way. But should people really request flatbed tow trucks when they need a tow?

In a good number of cases, requesting flatbed Towing Services in East Lansing MI might cost more money. The bottom line is that it’s worth it to pay more for a flatbed tow. When a vehicle isn’t on a flatbed, potholes on the road can cause some serious damage. Driving a car and avoiding potholes is a lot different than towing a car and avoiding potholes. While a tow truck driver might mean well, they might still direct a vehicle that they are towing into some road hazard. That’s why flatbeds are so effective. The flatbed keeps a vehicle from sustaining any significant damage due to potholes.

Structural damage isn’t the only thing that car owners should be worried about. When a car isn’t on a flatbed, it could encounter a lot of road debris that might damage the paint and the glass. There have been cases when tires have been flattened when cars weren’t on flatbeds. Why don’t more car owners request flatbeds? Some don’t even know they have the option. Others might just be trying to save money. What if a person doesn’t even realize the risks? A car owners should speak up to find out exactly what their towing options are. If they aren’t satisfied, they can seek another towing option. Contact Liskey’s Auto & Truck Service for more information about towing options.

When a car breaks down, it might have to be towed in order to get service. Just because a person is in need of a car repair doesn’t mean they should put their car at risk of more damage. It’s just smart to request for a flatbed truck even if it costs more than the traditional option.

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