Who To Trust For Post-Accident Auto Repair in Papillion, NE

by | May 30, 2016 | Automotive

Once a car has been in an accident, it may never be quite the same vehicle again. Even if the car hasn’t been totaled, the damage wrought by a collision affects the entire assembly. Beyond auto body and mechanical damage, frame warp results in uneven tire wear, balance problems, and long-term deterioration. Collisions of any kind are serious enough to warrant comprehensive repair. And for that, a full-service professional shop specializing in collision repair is required.

Post-accident Auto Repair in Papillion NE is provided by shops equipped with heavy-duty machinery that can straighten bent auto frames. Laser frame measuring is used to first assess the extent of misalignment. Next, drive-on frame machines use hydraulic rams to correct warping in the structure. With precision computer control, the frame rack will push or pull in whichever direction is needed to bring the frame back to its original alignment. After the frame is corrected, replacement body panels are then added. These after-market panels are provided to collision shops by the same parts manufacturers that supply automakers. The shop should have or be able to easily obtain the right panel for any make and model of vehicle.

After the panels are installed, and all mechanical repairs to the engine, transmission, and brake systems are performed, the rebuilt vehicle is then taken into the painting bay. Modern auto paints in use today at repair shops are water-based rather than solvent-based as in the past. These are less corrosive and more environmentally friendly. Also, as the automakers use water-based paints for original manufacture and finishing, the shop has a better chance to match the color of the new paint to the original.

At the end of the process, the vehicle is drive-tested to ensure all mechanical and structural details have been fully attended to. Once the vehicle checks out, its ready to leave the shop in a virtually factory-new condition. The vehicle owner should not even be able to tell that there ever was an accident when the shop is through with the work.

Dingman’s Collision Center and other such shops pride themselves on their work. They offer full guarantees on any repair, but they endeavor to do the job right the first time. Customer satisfaction and community reputation are of supreme importance to the shops that perform post-accident Auto Repair in Papillon NE.

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