When You Should Buy Used Vehicle

by | Apr 22, 2019 | Automotive, Car Dealer

There are more advantages to buying a used vehicle than people realize, beginning with the concept of depreciation and how quickly a new vehicle is going to lose its value after it drives off the lot. New dealer fees and marketing for a new car frequently account for some of its value, and this part of the value doesn’t benefit you as an owner at all. In a short year, that “new” vehicle is going to lose as much as 40% of its value, and you can never recover that amount of money you lose as the vehicle ages in that first year. Once you’ve driven it, it’s used, and even though it’s going to be the same car a year later, its bottom line sticker price is drastically reduced.

That’s terrific news for buyers looking for used SUV cars for sale Akron area. That vehicle that’s only a year or even five years old still retains all of its advanced features and modern technology. Just because someone else has used that vehicle doesn’t make its amenities any less valuable to a used car buyer. Optional features that someone bought new are included in the sticker price of a used vehicle, so you’re getting features worth thousands of dollars for nothing.

Used SUV cars for sale Akron dealerships know these principles and the true value of used SUVs. You get a lower monthly payment and a lower down payment, which is infinitely valuable to families who live on a budget. Thanks to certified pre-owned inventory, you’ll also be able to get some assurances about your purchase, just like you would get with a new vehicle. For used car buyers, all of these advantages result in tremendous value and savings. If you want to have money to spare after you buy a vehicle, consider buying used!

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