When Is It Time For Starter Repair In Virginia Beach VA?

by | Mar 30, 2016 | Automotive

People who need starter repair in Virginia Beach VA might initially think that there is something else wrong with their cars. When a car doesn’t start, some individuals look to the battery. Although a dead battery can cause a car not to start, it’s not always the problem. A bad alternator can also cause a car to have problems starting. A car might have electrical problems that indicate that a battery or alternator is going to fail, but what are the signs that a bad starter gives to car owners? Learning those signs can help people avoid being stranded with a failed starter.

A car owner might hear a grinding sound when there is the need for Starter Repair in Virginia Beach VA. The grinding sound can come about when a part of the starter has excessive wear and tear. If a car owner ignores the grinding sound, it can cause damage to part of the engine. The grinding noise will be heard when a person attempts to start the car. At first, it might come and go. As the problem gets worse, it will always be present when an attempt to start the car is made. People can click here to find out more about noise problems with starters.

Grinding isn’t the only sign of a failing starter. Smoke can also be caused by a starter issue. Whenever smoke is seen coming from a car, immediate action is required. A problem with smoke might be caused because the starter is taking in too much power. In some cases, the smoke will have a burning odor that comes with it. Car owners that have a problem with smoke shouldn’t try to drive their cars to an auto shop. They should use a tow truck so that they don’t risk doing any more damage. This is why it’s important for car owners to know of reputable auto shops they can rely on. It can cost a lot of money towing a car to different auto shops trying to compare estimates.

A starter could also make a whining sound when it’s about to fail. The whining sound will happen without the engine being able to crank.

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