Used Car Body Parts in New Haven, CT for all of your Parts Needs

by | Sep 14, 2018 | Automotive

A little-known secret outside of the automotive world is the value of car parts from a salvage yard. There are plenty of vehicles that have damage, but it could be that the damage is on the front-end of the vehicle, so the back end of the vehicle is fine, or maybe it’s the back end that’s totaled, and everything under the engine is fine. Whatever the case may be, it’s rare that an entire vehicle is unusable.

Benefits of Used Car Body Parts

The most obvious benefit to making use of used car body parts in New Haven, CT is the price. In most cases the price will be substantially lower than the cost of a brand-new part. More times than not, the part is perfectly fine. Used car body parts are also great for hobby projects. Maybe you have a vehicle that you are tinkering with, and it will just be a run-around vehicle upon completion. If this is true, used car body parts may be for you. The third reason is that if you are working on a vehicle that’s either older or not as common, you may not be able to find the part you need at a retail store. If this is the case, your best chance at finding the part you need is searching in a salvage yard.

Additional Services Offered by Salvage Yards

In addition to car parts, salvage yards offer other services, as well. They offer both foreign and domestic parts, as well as hard to find parts for that special project you are working on. They conveniently offer a 90-day guarantee on all parts or your money back. If you need a vehicle dropped off or picked up, this is a service that they offer to their clients as well. Check out Classic Auto Wrecking to see what they can do for you.

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