Understanding Where that Used Mazda Came from Before You Bought It

by | Jan 27, 2020 | Automotive

Every used car you buy has a history. When you make the smart decision to purchase a used Mazda in Joliet, you may wonder about the history of the particular vehicle you’re purchasing. While a vehicle history report can help give the basics of where the vehicle has been throughout its life, what do these bits of information really mean? To help ensure you’re an informed car buyer who has all they need to make a wise purchase decision, here are some basic explanations of the common past lives of pre-owned vehicles.


Many used Mazdas in Joliet come from automobile auctions. It’s important to understand that these auctions aren’t like a courthouse auction during which the local government sells off excess property and repossessed vehicles. Instead, these auctions are simply a way for dealerships to sell vehicles that they haven’t been able to sell due to the local market conditions where that specific dealership is located. This doesn’t mean anything is wrong with the vehicle. In fact, many late model cars in great condition are sold at auction every day. Unless the vehicle was traded in by a customer, this is likely where your used vehicle came from.


Another large source of pre-owned vehicles for dealerships is trade-ins. This is the more “traditional” route for a dealership to obtain a used car and is the one most people know about. A trade-in can either take the form of a car that someone has owned and has offered toward the cost of a new vehicle, or it can take the form of a lease-end, in which a customer returns a vehicle because their lease term is over. In either event, vehicles that are obtained in this manner, as with auction vehicles, are thoroughly inspected, serviced, and detailed before being offered for sale.

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