Types of Vehicles You Can Buy at a Ford Dealership, Find One in Barrington

by | Aug 2, 2018 | Auto Repair

Many of us have a particular car we have in mind for our next vehicle. As someone who prefers Ford cars over others, do you know what is now being offered at your local Ford dealership? Residents who live in the Barrington area should know that the sky is the limit when it comes to Ford offerings. Here are some of the more popular models out today.

Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer has been around for decades. Over time, it has made a striking metamorphosis into something that is luxurious looking yet affordable. The SUV is considered to be mid-sized and is perfect for families who are on the go. It is rugged enough to drive through all types of conditions and maintains a sleek exterior while doing so. There are so many options to choose from when you decide on an Explorer. Ask your dealership for more information.

Ford Focus

If four-door sedans are more your style, you should consider a timeless classic like the Ford Focus. The popular vehicle is one of the top compact cars that are out on the road today. The Focus is also affordable and is ideal for many first-time drivers who are seeking something safe and reliable on the road. You aren’t going to be disappointed with this car at all.

Ford F-350

Of course, Ford is also known to make superior heavy-duty trucks for personal and professional use. The Ford F-350 is just one line of a truck that is being offered currently and has effortlessly skipped to the front of the line as one of the best trucks around. The large vehicle has a powerful engine that is made for towing large items such as boats, trailers, and the like. The durable vehicle offers a comfortable ride to boot.

Whatever you choose, know that you are making a smart choice when choosing Ford. There is a vehicle for every preference and taste. Go out and test drive one today.

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