Timing Belt Replacement Service In White Bear Lake MN: Is It Time?

by | Feb 16, 2016 | Auto Repair

Timing belt replacement service in White Bear Lake MN is a repair that one out of every five automobiles needs. Some people tend to put off repairing their timing belts because of cost concerns, but it’s a mistake that can lead to even more costly repairs. When people don’t get their timing belts replaced when they should, they risk damaging the engines of their cars. If a timing belt gives out while a person is driving, they will end up stranded and in need of a tow truck.

There are a number of things mechanics will look for while examining timing belts. As timing belts get older, they lose mass. Timing belts are much like tires in that regard. Timing belts that have a problem gripping can slip. If a belt’s edges are excessively worn, there could be a problem with alignment. In some cases, too much heat can cause a belt’s edges to wear down too much. Failing bearings can also be a cause. Mechanics will look to see if a belt has too many cracks in it. Both the top and the bottom of a belt have to be inspected to see if Timing Belt Replacement Service in White Bear Lake MN is required. Car owners can click Here to find out more about timing belt replacement.

The signs that belt replacement are needed don’t stop with excessive wear. Belts can have a problem with glazing. This is when a timing belt appears to be shiny on its bottom. When a belt has such a shine to it, there could be a problem with its flexibility. The belt will have to be tested to see whether or not it really has enough flexibility. If the belt can be indented, it doesn’t need to be replaced. Sound can also indicate that a belt is having problems. If a timing belt is vibrating and making too much noise, it has to be swapped out.

Car owners often wonder if mileage has anything to do with when belts should be replaced. Quality belts can last for about 100,000 miles. Other times, people have to get their belts replaced after just 60,000 miles. As with other car parts, belts can also fail because they are defective.

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