Three Signs Telling You to Seek Alternator Repair in Tempe AZ

by | Dec 16, 2019 | Automotive

The alternator is the battery’s work companion. Together, they keep your car’s electrical system functioning as it should. If you’ve been experiencing any of the following problems, then you may have a bad alternator and should contact a car repair shop experienced in alternator repairs in Tempe AZ.

Warning Light

Most cars have a warning light labeled “ALT” or “GEN”. If yours comes on, then it is often the first sign of alternator troubles. If your car seems to be running fine with the warning light on, then you may be tempted to leave well enough alone. However, to avoid future problems, you should have your alternator checked out by a reputable auto shop that knows alternators, like Dynamic Imports.

Dim or Flickering Headlights

You should expect nothing less than bright and steady headlights from your vehicle. If they’re dim, then it could be the headlight bulbs. However, if they’re dim and flickering as well, then the problem is likely a power-supply issue. Since your alternator provides the headlights with power, then it’s a good place to start a diagnosis.

Dead Battery

Many things can cause your battery to die. However, if you can’t trace the reason back to something obvious, then the culprit could be the alternator. It’s the alternator’s job to recharge the battery when you drive. If you didn’t leave your headlights or the radio on, and your battery died, then you should have your alternator checked out.

Contact Dynamic Imports today for an auto shop experienced in alternator repairs in Tempe AZ.

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