Three Reasons To Fondly Remember and Honor the Volkswagen Beetle

by | Oct 10, 2019 | Eco Auto Blog

Three Reasons To Fondly Remember and Honor the Volkswagen Beetle

Although Volkswagen has announced that it will not continue producing the Beetle, this is not a time to mourn the car’s passing. It is a time to celebrate the iconic vehicle. Your Volkswagen dealer in Frankfort wants to take this chance to present three reasons to love the car.

Few Cars Have Such An Iconic Shape

The rounded rooftop and curves were responsible for the vehicle’s name back in the ‘40s. When a journalist saw them rolling off the production line, he compared them to beetles, and the nickname took on a life of its own. That shape has since become iconic for one of the most reliable compact cars ever produced.

Few Cars Have Become Loveable Movie Stars

For drivers of a certain age, there will always be fond childhood memories of the car that played a central role in The Love Bug and its sequels. Sure, there have been sexy cars and manly vehicles aplenty on the silver screen, but there was only ever one Herbie. That character did not establish the car’s perception as a fun little vehicle, but it certainly helped that perception along.

Volkswagens Can Definitely Float

However, they cannot float indefinitely! The Volkswagen Beetle has had many adventures in the decades since the first ones rolled off German production lines. A review of the advertising highlights a legacy of wonder and joy. We should recall there was also a production hiatus in the US and Europe between 1974 and 1998. While the car may be leaving us due to the public’s preference for SUVs, there is no guarantee it will never return. There may be more adventures in the future. You cannot keep a good Beetle down.

Driving pleasure is the driving ideology with Volkswagen. If you have questions about the current VW lineup, then contact Hawk Volkswagen at As your friendly neighborhood Volkswagen dealer in Frankfort, we are happy to answer your questions.

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