The Best Bet for Domestic and Foreign Auto Repair

by | Aug 17, 2016 | Automotive

Even if your car has been involved in only a minor accident, that vehicle has changed forever. It is no longer the car that’s been maintained in showroom condition from the moment it was driven off the lot. Now it’s got a big dent in it, or the front is cracked or has fallen off, and the paint job is ruined. The car has been violated in a severe and significant way even if it hasn’t been totaled. But as long as it makes no sense to simply write it off, or if replacement isn’t a practical option, then it’s equally unacceptable to drive around in a half-wrecked car.

Fortunately, shops equipped for both Domestic and Foreign Auto Repair have access to or have in stock every kind of part required. As a result, they can get that compromised vehicle not only road worthy but back to showroom condition. After all the necessary repairs to recondition the car mechanically, and even to straighten a bent frame if necessary, then comes the cosmetic work. Matching body panels and components from both original sources and OEM manufacturers are fitted onto the vehicle. These body parts match the exact specifications of the vehicle on the racks, so that when the work is done the car that rolls out will again be indistinguishable from the car that first rolled off the assembly line. The final challenge is painting. Colors can be computer-matched to the original color of the vehicle and even formulated to match the present state of the paint job on the rest of the car. After spray-down and bake drying, the restored body is thoroughly polished and what the customer gets back is the car he or she had just before the accident.

CARSTAR Patriot Collision Center has satisfied customers with the quality of our work in Domestic and Foreign Auto Repair for over ten years now. With a staff of professionally trained and certified mechanics on hand, we perform both minor and major repairs on a wide range of vehicles of nearly every available make or model. Whether it’s paintless dent removal and repair or a complete vehicle restoration, we can perform the work quickly and efficiently. We provide free estimates. And all work is guaranteed and backed up by the promise to perform any necessary follow-up repairs if necessary.

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