Stricter Regulations are Intended to Reduce Accident Rates and the Need for Heavy Truck Repair

by | Mar 1, 2016 | Automobile

Many truckers and their employers have expressed dismay over upcoming government regulations that require all drivers to have electronic equipment monitoring their travel time. Federal laws are already in effect that restrict each trucker’s time on the road in an effort to keep highways safe, but drivers commonly create fictional log books. Collisions involving large trucks have been on the rise since 2009. While truckers worry about earning less money and their employers worry about having enough business, the companies might also realize that a decrease in employee injuries and a reduction in the need for Heavy Truck Repair will save them money.

It’s tough for small companies to compete in the trucking business, even though there’s a high demand for over-the-road service and a shortage of drivers. Larger organizations already have the electronic monitoring equipment installed in every cab, and their drivers must abide by the law. Without that equipment, truckers are essentially free to work as much as they possibly can if they can manage to cover their tracks in the log book. This factor is often cited as a primary reason for accidents in the industry, as drivers are fatigued and overworked. Another issue involves the company owner delaying Heavy Truck Repair in order to save money. Equipment malfunction also can cause accidents.

When collisions occur, a trucking company may face lawsuits from accident victims and their families. The company’s workers compensation insurance may have to pay the employee for lost wages for weeks, or even months, while that person cannot productively contribute to the employer’s revenue stream. In addition, a collision can lead to an increase in the company’s insurance premiums and a certain amount of downtime while the vehicle cannot be used.

In a better scenario, truck repair would only become necessary due to normal wear and tear on the vehicle over time. The company would have repair and replacement of hoses, belts, brakes, engine components and the suspension system at a facility such as TPE Truck Parts & Equipment. Company owners would have time to plan for repair work, look over the website domain, and to schedule an appointment well ahead of time. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.

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