Speedometer Repair in Tucson AZ: Know The Facts Of This Vital Instrument

by | Mar 9, 2017 | Automotive

A faulty speedometer is not only an inconvenience but potentially a serious safety hazard. The first is blindingly obvious: if you don’t know your actual speed is going down the roadway, it’s certain a traffic cop or a state trooper will when it shows up on the radar. That’s a $100 fine right there and points off the license. The second consequence is easily enough inferred: not knowing one’s actual speed while driving massively increases the potential for an accident and possible death on the highway.

A car with a faulty speedometer should be taken off the road immediately until it can be checked out and repaired. If the car is driven anywhere, the one and only place should be to the nearest shop providing , and with all due caution and slow speed until the car pulls into the service center. There, a competent service technician can run down the problem and effect repair to have the car fully roadworthy as soon as possible. In determining the exact nature of the fault, the technician will be looking for one of the several causes.

If the speed sensor is malfunctioning, not only will the speedometer not work properly, it could affect the functioning of the engine itself. The speed sensor also connects to systems which regulate fuel flow, ignition timing, and the functioning of the car’s cruise control. The engine will run rough, and cruise control will not be available to the driver. One or more of these problems will trigger the Check Engine light on the panel. Another possible cause for speedometer malfunction is a faulty fuse or bad wiring. If it’s merely the fuse, that is easily replaced, but a wiring fault will burn out fuses as fast as they can be replaced and indicates an electrical short. And then, there’s also the possibility of a fault in the Engine Control Unit (ECU) which monitors all functions of the vehicle including the instrument readouts.

A malfunctioning speedometer is a problem which needs to be taken care of right away. The factory-trained technicians at  have been providing expert Speedometer Repair in Tucson AZ as well as in Albuquerque NM for fifteen years. Their service also includes the complete repair and replacement if necessary of any or all the gauges of the instrument cluster and all related subsystems to ensure that the vehicle owner enjoys safe driving at all times.

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