Signs That Your Vehicle Needs Suspension Repairs in Lansing MI

by | Jan 23, 2017 | Automotive

A vehicle’s suspension system is critical to providing an optimal driving experience for the occupants and superb handling of the vehicle. A properly functioning suspension system is what ensures that every bump or imperfection in the road is absorbed so that they do not affect the passengers or safe operation of the vehicle. Since the suspension system is comprised of many parts, it is the most complex and costly part of a vehicle to work on.

Diagnosing problems in a suspension system are time-consuming because each part of the system must be examined systematically: shock absorbers, springs, beam axles, control arms, dampers, and links. Since these parts depend on each other, a faulty or broken component affects the entire system. For example, the springs work with the dampers to dissipate the bouncing motion of the springs, creating a smoother ride.

Common symptoms that a vehicle needs Suspension Repairs in Lansing MI include:

*     Bouncing & Swaying -; If a vehicle hits a pot hole or bump and continues to bounce or sway, this is a symptom of suspension damage. The same response can usually be produced when the vehicle is stationary by pushing down on the bumper. After releasing the car continues to bounce a few times rather than leveling out immediately. Since the struts and shocks are responsible for smoothing out the ride after hitting a bump they are usually the culprit.

*     Pulling -; Pulling or drifting to one side of the road while on a straight road is indicative of a worn suspension or wheels that are out of alignment. If having the alignment adjusted does not correct the problem, then the suspension needs to be looked at. Problems with drifting and pulling typically result from worn out shocks.

*     Tilting -; When handling curves or corners on the road certain amount of leaning occurs with the vehicle. A compromised suspension system can lead to excessive leaning, causing the vehicle’s inside tires to lose contact with the road, resulting in a rollover. Inspect the vehicle’s tires for lumps and if any are observed the vehicle may need Suspension Repairs in Lansing MI.

Suspension system repair, such as that provided by Liskey’s Auto & Truck Service, can restore your riding experience to that new car level of performance. Catching suspension system issues before they become hazards will save you money and possibly your life and the lives of the vehicle’s occupants.

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