RV Dealers in Des Moines Enjoy Selling Campers to a Variety of Age Groups

by | Jun 20, 2017 | Automotive

RV dealers in Des Moines are enjoying unprecedented sales figures as the large population of baby boomers retires and makes travel plans. Some of these individuals have been dreaming of living the RV lifestyle, moving into a motorhome or fifth-wheel trailer and selling the family homestead. Others don’t want to reside in the RV, but they do want to experience substantial travel miles over the next several years. A third faction of this RV-loving population wants to spend certain times of the year in other locations. They might prefer to winter in Florida or Arizona, for example.

A large number of senior citizens and people in their mid-to-late 50s also decide to semi-retire, giving them plenty of time to camp. They might leave a job they’ve held for a long time and take on a part-time position in a field more to their liking. Many also can accept the option to change from full-time to part-time within their current place of employment. They can take four-day weekends and go to a regional campsite in the RV, then spend the middle three days of the week back home and at work.

Further down the adult age spectrum, the older members of the Millennial generation and younger members of Generation X are additional reasons that RV dealers in Des Moines are selling large numbers of campers. It’s always been the case that young families like to camp with some level of comfort instead of sleeping in a tent. Most of them aren’t looking to buy a motorhome or a big travel trailer but, instead, are drawn to pop-up campers or smaller trailer models that are comfy for sleeping and for hiding from the rain.

All of these customers can find both new and used models at a facility such as Imperial RV Center. Younger adults may be especially interested in used campers since they haven’t been in the workforce for a long time and may be supporting little children. Even the baby boomers may not want to spring for a new RV, wanting to keep most of their savings for later use over future years.

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