Restore the Beauty of a Wrecked Vehicle at a Superior Auto Body Repair Shop in Austin TX

by | Nov 14, 2016 | Autos

Automobile accidents can cause a lot of damage to both the vehicle and any of its occupants. The latter concern falls into the realm of the medical experts while vehicle damage is a job for trained mechanical experts like those found at Limon’s Paint & Body. Even simple issues such as dings or paint scratches need to be dealt with professionally, or the repair could end up looking like it was done by the owner of the vehicle in their garage. One reason for this is that automotive paint needs to be matched for both original color tone and adjusted for solar fading.

The force of an impact can often result in massive damage such as mangled fenders and wheel wells or crushing of the whole front clip. Repairs for this type of damage often requires an Auto Body Repair Shop in Austin TX to disassemble large portions of the vehicle so things get fixed correctly. Consider the case of a damaged front clip. This is the whole frontal area of the vehicle including its fenders, radiator and grill. The mechanic will need to remove all damaged parts and repair or replace them. This may not always be as simple as it seems because the force of the impact can shift these items so that removing any retaining bolts requires a lot of force. Sometimes, damaged metals will need to be cut and removed so the bolted areas can be taken off.

Vehicle accidents can also cause damage to mechanical areas. Collisions to the front of the vehicle can result in damage to its suspension, steering linkages, cooling system, air conditioner and any other items in the impact area. One of the most important things that the Auto Body Repair Shop in Austin TX needs to check are the brakes. This is especially true with newer vehicles that have electronic components to improve braking ability. It may also be necessary to check items such as engine mounts or the transmission when extreme stresses are involved. However, major vehicular damage often results in the vehicle being totaled. Click here to learn more about automotive collision repair.

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