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by | Oct 1, 2021 | Autos

Fall is here! For most people, that means drinking seasonal coffee or heading out to the pumpkin patch. But if you’re reading this, then you’re probably more interested in how you can care for your car as the seasons change. These tips from Volkswagen dealers in Albuquerque NM can be broken up into two distinct categories: equipment checks and under the hood maintenance.

Switch out your wiper blades: Wiper blades break down quickly with cold temperatures. The rubber section might freeze over and start breaking off, leaving streaks across your windshield as you drive. If the rubber section is intact, all they may need is a cleaning. Otherwise, they will need to be replaced to ensure maximum visibility. If you’re unsure of which ones to buy and how to install them, check your car owner’s manual.

Check your defroster: This is an essential piece of equipment that barely gets checked in the warmer months. Set your car’s defrost setting on high and time how long it takes for your frosty windshield to clear. If it takes more than a minute, then it’s time to head to your mechanic for a check. An inefficient defroster is extremely dangerous, so don’t delay checking if it needs maintenance or replacement.

Change your oil: Your owner’s manual will tell you when you’re supposed to change your oil. But doing checks in between the suggested schedule is helpful. If the oil looks very dark without the lighter gradient of the engine oil, then it’s time for a change. Without frequent oil changes, the build-up will harm your engine and cause it to break down. Irregular oil changes are cancerous for cars, and these repairs have exorbitant prices. Save yourself the pain and money and check your oil.

Look at your brakes and tires: To be honest, you should be doing this every month. These are two of the most used parts of your car and without either of them, you are jeopardizing the safety of everyone in your car. Use your car manual to see what the best tire pressure for your car is. Usually, there are different pressures for warm and cold seasons, so check accordingly. Check how your brakes are working during rain. If it feels spongy, then it’s time for a tune-up. If you’re unsure, check with your Volkswagen dealership in Albuquerque, NM.

Test your lights: This is the quickest check you’ll ever do. Start your car, then take a lap around it, checking the headlights, taillights, parking lights, brake lights, and emergency lights. For an even speedier check, get a friend to help you out. Keep an eye out for broken or fading bulbs. If you’ve noticed that you can’t see too clearly while driving in the dark or during storms, you might have sealed-beam headlamps and should probably switch those out to halogen lamps. That way, you’ll never be without visibility, even in a bad storm.

Have the battery professionally inspected: Your battery is your best friend during the colder seasons. It starts your car and keeps you warm. You could check it in your garage with a multimeter. But if the reading is anything below 12 volts or you find that there’s too much build-up around the terminals to get an accurate reading, then go to your mechanic. It might be a little pricey, but it’s crucial to have a fully functioning battery during this time. Jumpstarts are hard to come by during colder seasons since most people will choose to stay home.

Stay safe this season with these suggestions. Implement them quickly and save yourself some money! Check out Fiesta Volkswagen dealer in Albuquerque NM for more handy DIY tips.

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