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Installing Automotive Tint And Additional Services Offered By Tint City Or A Similar Company

If sunlight is affecting a driver’s visibility, installing tint across a windshield can be helpful. The following steps describe how to prepare glass and install tint. As a result, a driver won’t need to strain their eyes as often and the temperature inside of their vehicle will remain at a comfortable level.


  *    glass cleaner

  *    lint-free cloth

  *    plastic sheeting

  *    roll of automotive tint

  *    scissors

  *    spray bottle

  *    water

  *    mild detergent

  *    squeegee

  *    utility knife

Cleaning Interior Glass And Securing Tint

A lint-free cloth can be used to clean the interior side of a windshield. Plastic sheeting can be draped over a vehicle’s dashboard, console, and seats to prevent them from getting wet. The portion of a windshield that is going to be covered with tint should be measured with a flexible measuring tape. A piece of tint that is slightly larger than the surface that was measured can be cut with a pair of scissors. Tint should be pressed against glass until it adheres. A small amount of soapy water can be sprayed on the corners of a piece of tint to assist with adhesion.

Removing Wrinkles And Trimming Edges

The edge of a squeegee should be pressed against the center of a piece of tint. A squeegee can be moved outwards in straight lines to remove wrinkles from tint. Moving a squeegee over tint will also help flatten the piece that is secured to glass. If the edges of a piece of tint are longer than the edges of interior glass, a utility knife can be used to trim them.

Maintaining Tint

Products that contain ammonia or cleaning materials that have a rough surface should not be used to clean window tint. Instead, a small amount of soapy water that has been prepared with mild detergent can be wiped across dirty tint with a cloth. Afterward, a cloth that has been dampened with water can be wiped over the same areas to remove soapy film. A soft cloth should be used to dry tint. Proper care will prevent tint from becoming damaged. Services that are offered by Tint City or a similar company are listed on or another tinting company’s website. Tint City and others can assist with installing tint in an automobile, home or business.

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