How To Shop For A Pickup Truck

by | May 17, 2016 | Automotive

Of all the different Ford Trucks in Chicago that are available; and they range from cargo vans to wreckers, perhaps the most popular is the pick-up. Out of the top six pickups available in the US market; including a couple of imports, the Ford F-150 tops them all, and there is good reason for it.

On the surface it may seem that shopping for a car and shopping for a pickup would be similar. In certain aspects this might be true, but because pickups have many more special uses, it is very different.

Twenty years ago Ford Trucks in Chicago were basic utilitarian vehicles; today they are the daily drive for many people. Once the crew-cab became available all of a sudden the extra seats turned the once humble pickup into a “does everything” vehicle.

If you are considering purchasing a pickup there are a few things that you can do to help you work your way through the choices available.

What is it going to be used for?

If the truck is destined to be used as a purely work vehicle that is one thing, the buyer has a pretty good idea of his needs because he knows his business. This may not be the case with those that have their hearts set on travelling the country pulling a trailer or those that want the best of both worlds; a work truck during the day and a family vehicle after hours.

Choose the right duty:

Once you know the purpose and you know what you will be carrying or towing then you can choose between light duty, medium and heavy duty. The Ford F150 is designated as a light duty truck while the F250 is classified as medium duty.

The cab and the bed:

The F150 is available in regular cab and crew-cab models. The regular cab is a single row of seats with limited space for passengers while the crew-cab model has four doors and can comfortably seat six adults. Always remember that the cab size directly impacts the size of the box.

When you are looking at the huge range of available Ford Trucks in Chicago take your time, you want your truck to do exactly what it is you want and there are enough variants available that this is possible. Visit Hawk Ford of Oak Lawn at us for more information.

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