How Important is an Oil Change in Davenport IA?

by | Jul 10, 2023 | Automotive

While most car owners understand that changing the oil and filter in their vehicles is something that must be done from time to time, not everyone understands how important that Oil Change Davenport IA is to the life of the engine. Here are some good reasons why it pays to address this kind of auto maintenance in a timely manner.

Lubrication for the Engine

The moving parts in a car engine need lubrication in order to function properly. Without the proper level of lubrication, those moving parts will wear out much sooner. That translates into opportunities to damage more of the engine components and end up having to spend a lot of money on repairs. A better approach is to have the Oil Change Davenport IA done promptly and prevent the damage from occurring in the first place.

Avoiding the Development of Sludge

With different types of oil products, there is the possibility of leaving behind residue as the product begins to break down. The residue is often referred to as sludge and has the ability to clog various parts in the engine. This too will hasten the day when the engine will require comprehensive repairs or possibly even replacement.

Improved Gasoline Mileage

Having the oil changes will mean the engine can function more efficiently. That in turn means the engine does not have to work as hard during operation. Thanks to the smoother operation, the engine will consume less gasoline per mile of travel. For the car owner, that means being able to fill up the tank and go for longer periods of time before purchasing more fuel becomes necessary.

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