How Are Dents Repaired?

by | Aug 20, 2018 | Auto Repair

An automobile dent repair center in Danville, IL, may need to carry out several steps to repair dents on a car. These steps will ensure a vehicle looks like new, as if the damages never occurred.

The Typical Steps

The plunger method is often used when the dent is caused by bent metal. For example, someone knocked in your car’s door and there’s a large dent. However, the size of the dent is just one factor. Some dents are more complex than others, creating multiple issues in and around the dent itself.

If the metal is simply bent, a plunger should be able to bring it back to its previous position. The edges of the dent, however, may still show signs of wear. This method should only be used if the dented area is made of steel or aluminum. This technique works poorly on plastic, if at all.

Another automobile dent repair method in Danville, IL, is using dry ice to pop metal dents back in place. In order to complete this process, the technician wears thick glove and holds a quantity of dry ice in one hand. The dry ice is placed behind the dent to bring the temperature down. If all goes well, the metal is reacts to the drop in temperature and pops in the opposite direction, restoring the dent.

Hammer Time

Steel parts that have dents may require hammering, which is complicated and doesn’t lend well to DIY dent repairs. This process requires placing a flat sheet of metal on the underside of the dent and using a hammer to bring the metal back to its previous shape. It’s critical to protect the paint job and to use caution when hammering to avoid chipping the paint or finish of the vehicle.

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