Guaranteed Completion Dates for Auto Body Repair in Jefferson City, MO

by | Apr 28, 2020 | Auto Repair

Complications can happen, and a team can offer potentially erroneous scheduled dates. But, this shows both an inability to detect and suspect potential complications and an ability to hold to the task no matter what. In the vast majority of situations, extended repair dates can be reduced to zero with proper training, some foresight, determination, and talent. These are all elements a great Auto Body Repair in Jefferson City, MO provider brings to the table.

Why the date of completion matters so much?

The crew understands why the date of completion is so immediately significant. Customers often take time off work. They often rearrange their lives to accommodate necessary repairs. If these dates are breached, a potential domino effect unfolds in the lives of customers.

It is not acceptable to say it will take an extra two days when those two days could mean the difference between going on vacation or not, seeing a child’s event or not. The team reviews the repair for any suspected complications that could arise. The completion date is pinpointed and accurate.

Reviewing Each Specific Situation

The crew at Dents Unlimited determines the specific details and needs of every particular situation. Lifetime warranties are available for all repairs. Customers can comfortably leave the office knowing they are secure that the crew did the absolute best job possible. This lifetime warranty free-for-all is unheard of in auto repair, especially at an independent level.

The crew also utilizes original factory body parts for repairs. The difference between the vehicle before the accident and after the repairs it will be striking. It will seem just as it was- but better. The original factory parts are identical to the original parts used on the vehicle prior. But, they are all fresh-faced and new. It will be the same, but look like it just drove off the lot.

Many of the customers leave an auto repair and return to see a vehicle that is vastly improved, cosmetically and functionally. They actually end up with the better end of the deal after the repairs. It pays to be positive, and the crew provides just that.

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